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KJHK Membership Drive | Spring 2024

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KJHK Membership Drive | Spring 2024

KJHK first went out over the FM airwaves on October 15, 1975. Since then, the station has been a home for alternative music, creative content, and free-form programming.

Gifts supporting KJHK go towards creating educational opportunities for over 150 students on campus that are interested in learning more about radio broadcasts, working with music industry promoters and agents, event planning and management, content producing for podcasts, articles, and videos, recording and producing live bands, marketing, and live broadcasting sporting events including the NCAA tournaments. Student fee support fluxes depending on student enrollment and varying allocation levels the student senate can support.

KJHK is up for the running for the best college radio station in the United States at the Intercollegiate Broadcast awards in New York City at the end of February alongside 10 other nominations in various categories. Please support KJHK in being able to honor these students that are nominated for awards in attending this educational conference.

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Friend of KJHK

Help KJHK students purchase necessary items around the station like mic covers, aux cables, headphones, and more.


KJHK Member

Help KJHK students fund new storage for sound equipment and technology in our live performance studio.


KJHK Producer

Help KJHK students purchase updated streaming and music storage software causing less tech related issues for KJHK staff members.


Slay, KJHK Queen!

Donations like these provide opportunities for students that KJHK otherwise has complications affording like sending students to educational radio conferences or sending KJHK sports staff to live broadcast from high-level tournaments alongside professional reporters in the business.