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Bring the T. rex home to KU Natural History Museum

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Bring the T. rex home to KU Natural History Museum

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This summer, the KU Natural History Museum wants to send a paleontology team back to Montana for four weeks to look for more of a Tyrannosaurus rex discovered there.

This expedition will help KU scientists piece together the puzzle of this dinosaur. So far, they have 15 percent of the entire fossil, from nose to tail.

But we need you to help us bring the T. rex home to KU. Support is needed for every aspect of the expedition, from tools and plaster to food, lodging and transportation for the scientists and students.

Dinosaurs loom large in our in our collective imagination.  From literature and film to museum exhibits, nothing thrills a child — or an adult — like a giant that roamed the Earth in the past. 

Be a part of team T. rex for KU: support the expedition to bring this fossil home to the KU Natural History Museum. 

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Every gift matters

This is your chance to say that you helped send a paleontology team from KU to Montana to collect a Tyrannosaurus rex — and bring it home to the KU Natural History Museum.


Be a part of KU history

Did you know that Barnum Brown, the paleontologist credited with discovering a T. rex in the Hell Creek formation in the 1800s, was a KU alumnus? Help us send a modern-day team of KU scientists and students to follow in his footsteps.


Bring a chisel

Paleontology is often putting together the pieces of a puzzle. We already have part of this puzzle solved: scientists have 15 percent of the T. rex. Help us chip away at this puzzle and bring home more of this amazing fossil.


Mix the plaster

Imagine being a student who gets to go to Montana to bring back parts of a T. rex. Your gift of $100 or more will give them a field experience of excavating and preparing fossil material that they won’t forget.


Dig into the fossil layer

During the 2015 expedition, we hired someone to use heavy equipment to remove the top of the hill, revealing the fossil layer. Help us dig deeper and bring the T. rex fossil back to KU with your gift of $100 or more.