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Power the Journey Against Alzheimer's

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Power the Journey Against Alzheimer's

The University of Kansas Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center (KU ADRC), one of only 33 research centers in the US designated by the National Institute on Aging, exists to improve the lives of patients and families by eliminating Alzheimer's disease through treatment and prevention. Bringing that mission to life requires diverse input, community engagement, and dedicated resources. We will not solve the puzzle that is Alzheimer’s alone, but in time we will solve it.

You can help us achieve this mission by supporting cutting-edge biomarker research!

Biomarkers are biological measures that indicate risk for a disease (such as Alzheimer’s), and, among many things, are used to identify appropriate research participants, clarify a diagnosis, determine if a treatment is working, and better understand the root causes of Alzheimer’s.

KU ADRC uses established, gold-standard biomarkers in our work, and is actively engaged in developing new, non-invasive, and cost-effective biomarkers for patient research.

Your support is crucial to advance the promising future of biomarker research at KU ADRC.

So, please, give now, and help us advance research on Alzheimer’s. Your contribution will directly impact our biomarker program.