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Engineers Without Borders: Bolivia 2018

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Engineers Without Borders: Bolivia 2018

Engineers Without Borders KU is an interdisciplinary, service-based organization in the School of Engineering. The purpose of this campaign is to fund our international projects in Azacilo and Colani, Bolivia.


The University of Kansas Chapter of Engineers Without Borders is a multidisciplinary, national and international, service-based organization registered through the School of Engineering. EWB-KU has developed a strong presence across campus by participating in events hosted by the School of Engineering and KU, engaging in outreach activities, and maintaining strong relationships with our domestic projects in New Orleans, Louisiana and St. Louis, Missouri. In January 2018, EWB-KU successfully completed a rain water catching system in Kaliro, Uganda that raised the community’s water storage capacity by 5,000 liters. Funds raised during our LaunchKU campaign will be used to send 11 students to Azacilo and Colani, Bolivia and finance our assessment, implementation, and monitoring projects.


EWB-KU will continue implementation of the Azacilo Shower Project, an idea initiated by members of the community to enhance their sanitation experiences by relieving the pain of frigid showers. So far, 5 showers have successfully been installed in the community. In the near future, our teams plan to complete a total of 25 showers for the families that reside in Azacilo. The design consists of a series of PVC pipes, pipe covers, joints, hoses, an electrical showerhead, and a spigot connector that make the solar-electric shower functional year round. Furthermore, we will continue monitoring the Potable Spring Box and Eco-Latrine Projects that were completed in recent years. Within a 7-minute hike from Azacilo, EWB-KU will also be working in Colani. This summer, our team plans to begin constructing Eco-Latrines for each family household of the Colani community. Each latrine will be equipped with the capacity to compost collected waste, hold a lavatory, and support a shower system within a structure comprised of brick and a concrete foundation. The development of the Eco-Latrines ensures proper disposal of waste by significantly reducing the risk of contamination We will also begin monitoring the Agricultural Water Pipeline Project that finished last summer and extends to nearly a mile.


With your support, we can work with communities around the globe to ensure accessible means of water storage, water transport, and increase the quality of health and sanitation through sustainable engineering.


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Bag of Concrete

A gift at this level will help purchase a bag of concrete which will be used for the foundation of the latrines.


Water Faucet

A gift at this level will provide a water faucet which will help supply water for the showers!


Bag of Roofing Screws

Your $50 gift will help purchase a bag of roofing screws which will be used to attach the shower tank to the roof of the latrine.


Cinderblock Set

A gift of $100 will be used to purchase a cinderblock set to help build the base of the latrines!


Drill Kit

A gift at this amount will go towards buying a drill kit in order to drill holes in wood and help reinforce the roof!

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