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Honor your 2022 National Champion Jayhawks

University of Kansas

Congratulations to the Kansas men’s basketball team for winning the 2022 NCAA Championship!

It all began in 1898 when the “father of basketball” James Naismith became the first coach of the University of Kansas men’s basketball team. The peach baskets and soccer balls have long been replaced, but Naismith’s legacy lives on. And so, too, does the remarkable legacy of this all-time winningest program in the history of college basketball, with:

  • 63 all-time conference regular-season championships
  • 32 consecutive NCAA tournament appearances
  • 16 Final Four playoffs
  • And now, 6 national championships!

Our Jayhawk basketball program is a point of pride for our entire KU community and has long provided a multi-faceted benefit to our university. Their dedication and perseverance throughout the season and tournament inspired us all.


Jayhawks are champions both on and off the court. As evidenced by its alumni, faculty, staff and students, KU routinely excels in research and discovery, teaching, patient care, and yes, in athletics. The accomplishments of Jayhawks near and far are an important part in building upon the legacy that is our sustained excellence. We are proud to celebrate and share in these triumphs as one institution.


As we look ahead, it will take all Jayhawks to unite and demonstrate their commitment to build upon our success. Private support has enabled our student-athletes to compete at the highest level and on the biggest stages.


Please join us in honoring this achievement with a gift to the 2022 National Championship Fund and help us continue our winning tradition!


*All donations made to the 2022 National Championship Fund are 100 percent tax deductible and do not qualify for Williams Education Fund membership or priority points.

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