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Jayhawk Student Success

$6,815.00 donated for Student Success/51 gifts

Jayhawk Student Success

Sometimes the difference between graduating on time, or graduating at all, is a relatively modest amount of extra financial assistance.  Too many students face emergencies or other situations resulting in unanticipated expenses that challenge their ability to complete their studies.  All it takes is a small boost to give a student the support they need to stay in school and graduate.  


Your gift is one that will touch an individual student in their time of need and help ensure that every Jayhawk receives the assistance she or he needs to persist and succeed during their KU journey. 

You have the power to make a difference:

Provides assistance for groceries, gas, and personal necessities
  $100 – $300
Provides assistance for groceries, gas, personal necessities, and emergency travel
  $150 - $500
Provides assistance to relieve the financial burden of lost wages, including rent, groceries, transportation, and emergency travel
Provides assistance for more than one student facing financial challenges, including emergency travel, groceries, personal necessities, lost wages
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