This project has concluded, but if you would like to still make a gift to support Monarch Watch, please click here

Chip in for Monarch Watch

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Chip in for Monarch Watch

This project has concluded, but if you would like to still make a gift to support Monarch Watch, please click here.

Monarch Watch needs your help! If you are in a position to offer financial support to Monarch Watch (or if you know someone who might be), please consider making a fully tax-deductible donation of any amount during our "Chip in for Monarch Watch" fundraising campaign.

Chip"In 1992 I had no idea how this small project would change my life nor did I envision Monarch Watch as it is today. It's fair to say that Monarch Watch continues to lead me into new areas of public education and lines of research I hadn't anticipated. Each year brings new adventures and connections that seem to arise simply because Monarch Watch exists." - Chip Taylor

Spring has sprung, summer is fading, and the spectacular fall monarch migration has begun...

As many of you already know, this season also marks the arrival of another lesser-known yet still noteworthy annual event – the birthday of the father, so to speak, of Monarch Watch. Some introduce him as Dr. Orley R. Taylor, Professor Taylor, the Honey bee guy, the Monarch Man, or the Director of Monarch Watch...but most of us know him as "Chip."

It is no secret that Chip is passionate about monarchs and Monarch Watch – he is genuinely concerned about the future of the monarch migration and that of our program as well. Chip has never drawn a salary from Monarch Watch and he is also the single largest financial contributor to the program.
Several long-time Monarch Watchers suggested a fundraising campaign in honor of Chip and it seemed fitting to run it around his birthday, which happens to be at the end of August. So we officially launched the now annual "Chip in for Monarch Watch" fundraising campaign in honor of Chip – a chance for Monarch Watchers, colleagues, friends, and family across the planet to show their support for Chip and the monarch program he brought to life more than three decades ago.
The connections that are facilitated by monarchs and Monarch Watch are truly extraordinary and with your support we will endeavor to foster these for generations to come.

Chip recently announced he would be stepping away from the program as its director and that he and his wife, Toni, worked with the University of Kansas and KU Endowment to establish the Chip and Toni Taylor Professorship in Support of Monarch Watch with a 1.4-million-dollar gift. The goal is to raise at least $3 million to fully fund an endowment to perpetually support a new professor/scientist at KU who will also serve as the Director of Monarch Watch.


During this fundraising campaign you may choose to contribute to:

  • the Monarch Watch Fund to help us continue to maintain and expand our education, conservation and research programs as well as aid many people in their efforts to create habitats to sustain the monarch migration, or

  • the Chip and Toni Taylor Professorship in Support of Monarch Watch to help us secure the future of Monarch Watch by supporting a new professor/scientist/director (funds are invested in an endowment)

You may make a gift online right here by clicking on the red buttons above. All gifts to Monarch Watch are fully tax-deductible and will be processed by KU Endowment (100% of your donation goes to Monarch Watch). If you would rather give by phone or mail, please see the information below. No matter how you donate, please make sure the gift is directed to Monarch Watch. Any amount is greatly appreciated!

  • Give by phone: 785-832-7386
  • Give by mail: please make checks payable to Monarch Watch and mail to:

    Gift Processing Department
    KU Endowment
    P.O. Box 928
    Lawrence, KS 66044-0928

Additionally, to ask questions about gift options, gift planning, endowed funds, employer matching programs, etc. you may contact Conor Taft at or 785-832-7386

Donations are accepted at any time throughout the year via but if you would like to be included in this special "Chip in for Monarch Watch" campaign, please try to complete your contribution soon.


Your comments, thanks, birthday wishes, photos, etc. may be submitted via the Chip in for Monarch Watch formwe will compile comments and photos then present them to Chip at the end of the campaign. We may also post some updates right here at

If you have any questions please feel free to drop us a line anytime – thank you again for your continued support!

Chip and children at Monarch Watch event

The impact of the individual: Thanks, Chip, for all your work for the monarchs. You are an inspiration to us all! – Ina W.

Tagging monarch butterflies is always one of my students' favorite activities and an experience they remember long after they leave my classroom. My students and I thank you for all your work with the program! – Havana Junior High School, Havana, IL

Ten years ago, Monarch Watch inspired me to raise butterflies. Since then, a new world has opened up for me that includes all pollinators and the importance of natives and biodiversity. Your work with Monarch Watch is critical. There are many others who still must be inspired! Thank you for what you do! – Linda M.

Chip and dancerHappy Birthday, Chip. It was great to see you again in Minnesota. Our lives have been greatly enriched through our participation in Monarch Watch. Congratulations! – Don D.

My students and I have learned a tremendous amount from studying monarch butterflies. Monarch Watch has been a wonderful resource, and Chip a tremendous inspiration. Thank you. – Anonymous

Happy Birthday to Chip and to 20 years of Monarch Watch! Your efforts have reached far and wide, helping the butterflies and enriching the lives of the people who care about them. Keep up the great work. – Judy K.

Chip and students in MexicoI met you in Mexico in late February 2009 when you spoke to our group at Don Bruno Hotel. We were traveling with Dr. Tom Emmel. It was a thrill for me to get to see you after becoming a Monarch enthusiast and tagging Monarchs for the past two years. My friend and I, both Master Gardeners, give Monarch presentations all during the year to schools, nursing homes, Master Gardener conferences, and libraries. Keep up the wonderful work you are doing to promote the marvelous, migrating Monarchs. – Kay H.

Chip, thanks for your commitment to monarchs and to education. Students of all ages love this project! – Carol S.

Chip aboard Papalotzin ultralightThank goodness for Chip Taylor and his drive to save the monarchs! Monarch Watch has brought many people into understanding the importance saving habitat for not only monarchs, but other butterflies as well. We have our monarch waystation sign proudly displayed in our yard. Every year we look forward to our next "Mr. T" who patrols our yard, chasing off other males, including fritillarilies, and courting every female. What fun we have with our butterfly and bee garden! – Elizabeth & Bill

Chip, you rock! May all future generations remember you and your wonderful efforts when they see Monarchs still migrating hundreds of years from now. Happy, Happy Birthday! – Linda W.

Chip and monarchs in MexicoThanks for all your great work you do. I've learned so much from you and Monarch Watch. – Joyce C.

Some of our best moments are a result of Monarch Watch (seeing the butterflies overwintering in Mexico, creating our waystation and chasing the little boogers across fields to tag them with their "license plates").  Thank you so much. – Sarah & Keith M.

Chip, Thanks for all you do. Your focus and dedication to the monarch cause have enriched the lives of many, myself included. – Tom M.

Monarch caterpillar on milkweedCongratulations, and thank you for all your hard work on behalf of those beautiful Monarch butterflies. My path to loving the monarchs began with native plantings, including milkweed, in my yard. That led to raising them, tagging them, sharing what I was learning about them with school children and adult groups. A peak experience was traveling to Mexico this year to see the monarchs in all their glory! Monarch Watch is a tremendous source of information and motivation. Keep up the great work. – Judy K.

What an inspiring effort Monarch Watch is! Keep up the great work. – Joanna & Chad V.

Hey, Chip. I only wish you were fully aware of the impact MonarchWatch has had on our zoo, our volunteers, our Master Naturalist students, our visitors, our staff. Thank you for sharing the wonder of monarchs with all of us, keep up the great work, and remember to ask all of us for help when you or the program needs it. We care about you, we care about the project…it matters!!!! – Penny M.

My children started tagging monarchs when they were 3 years old. They can't pass a milkweed plant without searching for caterpillars. Thank you for introducing me and the younger generation to the joys of monarchs and citizen science. Happy Birthday! You've "done good!" – Kristin S.

Thanks for all you’ve done for Monarch Watch, science education, and KU! – Helen A.

Back in 1992 I began looking for milkweeds and the Monarch connection. What a pleasant surprise that you started a whole community that I could join. Priceless friendships abound! – Gary S.

Thank you for your passion and work helping people help the monarchs! – Janet A.

Happy Birthday and Best Wishes for the future. Providing a habitat for the Monarch and watching over them have added so much to my summer. Thank you!! – Cindy R.

What an inspiring effort Monarch Watch is! Keep up the great work. – Joanna V.

As always, it is a pleasure to work with and help Monarch Watch with their amazing program. It brings joy to my life every year. Thank you for your commitment and for such a well run organization! – Anonymous

Happy Birthday & Best Wishes Chip! Thanks for all you do! – Anonymous

Going, going, almost gone. Watching monarchs hatch was a springtime ritual growing up with caterpillers and milkweeds plentiful. I've planted a garden which now draws the butterflies but I have not found a caterpillar in 5 years of looking in my rural neighborhood. I've been hoping, unsuccessfully, to give my grandchildren a glimpse of the miracle I watched as a child - Thank you for your work. Perhaps my great-grandchildren will get this chance if we all work together. – Anonymous

Happy Birthday, Chip! Keep up the excellent work - all of you at Monarch Watch! – Linda W.

We have a Monarch Waystation and would love to chip in to help you continue your wonderful efforts. – Lynn P.

I look forward every year to tagging Monarchs for Monarch Watch. It is one of the highlights of my year. Thanks for all you do! – Diana W.

Chip, You have inspired the world with your passion and work with the monarchs. Keep up the good work. From Goleta Ca, Winter home of the western Monarchs. – Lynn K.

My small monarch station has been a pure joy these past two years - what a miracle these creatures are! – Ruth

Happy Birthday Chip! Congratulations on all you have accomplished with Monarch Watch! Best wishes as you continue to champion Monarch Butterflies...and touch so many human lives, as well! – Maria K.

Monarch Watch has been a great treasure to me. I send a standing ovation to Chip for creating this excellent program that turned this older citizen into a youngster! – Debbie J.

Happy Birthday Chip! Thanks for all the great you do! – Charlotte V.

Thanks for all that you do, Chip! And thanks, Monarch Watch! – Jennifer & Tim

I appreciate the work you have done to protect these beautifully creatures. Monarch Watch has taught me so much about the butterflies I've loved watching all my life. – Sheila C.

Being a part of Monarch Watch has been one of the joys in my life - thanks for all you do! – Jen

Chip, you were tagged for a vital cause, and you have responded famously. Well done! – Charlie C.