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Wescoe Hallway Remodel

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Wescoe Hallway Remodel

The second floor of Wescoe Hall is home to the KU School of Languages, Literatures & Cultures and its main reception area and instructor/faculty offices. In its current state, the hallway portrays a triste, sterile image of what should be a bustling, colorful hub for students, faculty, staff and visitors. With your help, we can create a more welcoming environment!

We’d like to outfit the space with seating arrangements, work stations, charging ports, and interactive art to make it more appealing and provide a functional, comfortable, and inviting environment. Our goal of $15,000 dollars would allow us to enrich the space in the following ways:

  • An integral part to our concept is interchangeable seating. Modular chairs, benches and coffee tables will allow both open, social configurations to encourage interaction, as well as semi-private set-ups.

  • To accommodate students’ need for additional work space, our vision also includes fixed work stations. Bar height counters and chairs, complete with outlets and charging stations, provide contemporary and convenient spaces for students who are waiting to meet a professor or are studying between classes.

  • To make the overall space more inviting and appealing, we want to include interactive art and décor. Art installations would better reflect the vibrancy of the many languages and cultures taught in the School. Adding interactive elements, like screen printed glass boards and white boards, encourages social and cultural interaction.

Our goal is to create an open and welcoming space that will bring students together outside of the classroom. The SLLC’s main hallway will foster a sense of community and serve an as identifier with the school. Students will go from being an individual language learner to a member of the SLLC community with all of the support it provides.

Because our concept is modular, any amount raised can be directly applied to this project. Your contribution, no matter the size, will be used to enhance our space and directly impact the way our students and visitors see and experience language learning at the SLLC.

Make a gift today to make Wescoe Hall a brighter place for our students!

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Choose a giving level



A gift of any size will help us create a space for individual language students to join a larger community of learners.



Your gift can create opportunities for students, faculty, staff and visitors to adventure to a new space in which they can interact with one another.


Native Speaker

Help us create a welcoming and appealing environment for both native speakers and those delving into a new language for the first time.



For students, faculty, staff and visitors looking to develop their linguistics skills, this space will allow both independent study and group practice.


World Traveler

Just like world travelers, students should never run out of power on their mobile devices. Your gift of $250 will provide a multi-outlet charging station.



With your donation of $500, we can purchase single-user, modular seating that can be configured several different ways.



Go above and beyond, like a hyperglot, who speaks at least six languages! Your gift of $1,000 can finance a bar-height counter or a multi-user, modular seating arrangement.

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