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WP4KU - Support Military-Affiliated KU Students & Families

Join us in supporting our veterans and their family members in meeting financial and logistical needs while pursuing their education at the University of Kansas, by making a gift to one of the following funds.

WP4KU - Support Military-Affiliated KU Students & Families

Wounded Warrior Scholarship


KU is proud to offer the Wounded Warrior Scholarship for qualified military service members, veterans, primary caregivers, and surviving spouses/children studying at or admitted to KU. The purpose of the Wounded Warrior Scholarship is to assist qualified veterans and their family members in meeting the financial challenges of pursuing their education at KU.



Military-Affiliated Student Center Sponsorship Program


The KU Military-Affiliated Student Center (KU MASC) opened its doors in January 2017 and serves approximately 1,300 student veterans. The center's goal is to enable student veterans to succeed as they (1) transition to the KU campus; (2) persist to graduation; and (3) transition into the next chapter in life.


A new program run by KU MASC is the Sponsorship Program. Incoming students are paired with current military-affiliated students to help them through their first year at KU by showing them around campus, introducing them to the community and connecting them with resources and networks of available support through the MASC. This support helps to prevent isolation that new students might otherwise experience.


Funding compensates sponsors (mentors) with a small stipend of $100-$250/semester that serves as an incentive to participate in the academic year-long sponsorship. 



Women Philanthropists for KU (WP4KU) is focused on engaging and educating women and the community about the University of Kansas. Our mission is to encourage women to support KU through their philanthropy and leadership, and to explore ways to address the interests of women donors through KU Endowment.​ To learn more, please visit the WP4KU website

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